Examination Day Procedures

Admission to the Test

You should arrive at the Prometric test center 30 minutes before your scheduled testing time on your testing date. If you arrive late, you may not be admitted. If you arrive more than 30 minutes after your scheduled testing time, you will not be admitted.

On arrival, you are required to sign in on the test center log and to present your Scheduling Permit plus one form of unexpired, government-issued identification (such as a driver’s license or passport) that includes both your photograph and signature, after which, a digital photograph will be taken. If your identification contains your photograph and not your signature, you can use another form of unexpired identification that contains your signature, such as an employee identification card or a credit card, to supplement your photo-bearing, government-issued identification. The first and last names on your identification must exactly match the names on your permit. The only acceptable difference would be the presence of a middle name, middle initial or suffix on one document and its absence on the other. Please contact ABCC immediately at 212-305-3254 if the name on your permit is misspelled or differs from your name as it appears on your identification.

Name changes or corrections cannot be made within 7 business days of your scheduled testing appointment.

All of your personal belongings, food and beverages must be placed in a small, designated locker outside the testing room. Pagers and cellular telephones must be turned off before placing them in the locker.

Testing Regulations and Rules of Conduct

Test center staff monitors all testing sessions for the examination. You must follow instructions of test center staff throughout the examination. Failure to do so may result in a determination of irregular behavior.

Test center staff is not authorized to answer questions from candidates regarding examination content, testing software, or scoring.

If staff observes you violating test administration rules or engaging in other forms of irregular behavior during the examination, the center staff will not necessarily tell you of the observation at the time of the examination. You may not bring any personal belongings into the testing area.

Completing the Test

After you start taking an examination, the examination cannot be canceled or rescheduled unless a technical problem requires rescheduling. If a computer problem occurs during the test, you should notify test center staff immediately. In the rare event of a technical problem, testing software is designed to allow the test to restart at the point it was interrupted. In most cases, the test can be restarted at the point of interruption with no loss of testing time. However, it is possible that a technical problem may occur that requires the test to be rescheduled. In that event, you will be allowed to test at a later date at no additional cost.

Eligibility Revocation

If the test center proctor determines that your actions violate exam procedures, or if it is discovered that information in your application is false, your eligibility will be revoked and/or exam results will be invalidated.

You are reminded that, as stated on the application for certification that you signed, you agreed that “Misstatement of any material fact submitted may be sufficient cause for ABCC to bar me from the examination, to invalidate the results of my examination, to withhold certification, to revoke certification, or to take other appropriate action.