Certification Maintenance Program Guidelines

The need for professional competency is the focus of the ABCC Continuing Maintenance Program. Diplomate status is conferred on those candidates who meet the eligibility criteria set forth by ABCC and successfully pass the ABCC examination. Following successful examination, diplomates enroll in the CMP. CMP validates continued competency in comprehensive care and provides the ABCC with a systematic plan to assess DCC status. There are two options by which certification renewal can occur:

Option One – Recertification by Re-examination

  • Verification of credentials A current, valid, unencumbered, license to practice as a Registered Nurse (RN) and as a Nurse Practitioner
  • Re-examination: The candidate will submit all required documentation to sit the ABCC examination in certification expiration year.

Option Two – Recertification by Continuing Education and Continued Practice

  • Verification of credentials
    • A current, valid, unencumbered license to practice as a Registered Nurse (RN) and as a Nurse Practitioner in good standing
  • Documentation of clinical practice as a nurse practitioner for a minimum of 1,000 hours during the most recent certification period.
  • Documentation of lifelong learning Documentation of continuing education equivalent to 75 contact hours since last certification or re-certification.  These must be in the area of the Diplomate’s practice focus as a Nurse Practitioner.
    • Formally approved continuing education contact hours meet one or more of the following criteria.
      • Continuing Nursing Education Units (CEU) approved for nursing contact hours by an accredited provider or approver of nursing continuing education applicable to the specialty and/or;
      • Continuing Medical Education (CME) approved for CME hours applicable to the specialty

ABCC will notify DCCs of their certification expiration date 6 months prior to expiration. The renewal application and requirements are posted on the web site. ABCC will assist with the re-certification process; however, it is the responsibility of all DCCs to keep track of their certification date and submit their renewal documents, no later than six months prior to the certification expiration date.