Board of Directors

Executive Committee

Janice Smolowitz, EdD, DNP, ANP-BC, DCC
Professor Emerita of Nursing
Columbia University Medical Center
Jennifer Smith, MBA, DNP, ANP-BC
Courtney Reinisch, DNP, FNP-BC, DCC
Clinical Associate Professor
Rutgers University School of Nursing
Mary O’Neil Mundinger, DrPH
Edward M. Kennedy Professor of Health Policy
Columbia University School of Nursing

Practice Members

Julie Lindenberg, DNP, FNP-BC, DCC Associate Professor of Nursing – Clinical
University of Texas at Houston School of Nursing
Ella Ares, DNP, ANP-BC, DCC Mount Sinai St. Lukes Hospital
New York, NY
Patricia Auer, DNP, FNP-BC, DCC Primary Care Provider/Manager
Husdon Headwaters Health Network
Saratoga Springs, NY

Education Members

Lynne Beth Weissman, DNP, PNP-PC Assistant Professor of Nursing
Coordinator of the Graduate FNP Program
Dominican College
Joanne Silbert-Flagg, DNP, PNP-PC Assistant Professor
John Hopkins University
Sarah Cook, MEd, DNP Columbia University School of Nursing, Professor Emerita
Michael Carter, DNSc, DNP, FAAN, FNP/GNP-BC, DCC University Distinguished Professor
University of Tennessee Health Science Center

Public Members

Phil Nudelman, PhD President and Chief Executive Officer
The Hope Heart Institute
Chairman of the Board
Cell Therapeutics, Inc.