Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Policy and Procedures

Examination Accommodations

The American Board of Comprehensive Care (ABCC) and its testing vendor make every effort to reasonably accommodate candidates with documented disabilities as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Candidates who have a disability as defined under the ADA, must notify the ABCC by submitting the following information in a separate envelope:

To qualify for accommodation

A report regarding the request from a qualified healthcare professional is required. The information must be on the qualified healthcare professional’s letterhead, typed, dated, and signed by the healthcare professional. The report must document the following information:

  • A specific diagnosis and date of diagnosis
  • Specific and current findings that support the diagnosis including relevant medical history tests administered, date of the most current evaluation, within the last three years
  • A description of substantial functional limitations resulting from the stated disability
  • Specific recommendations for testing accommodation(s) including a detailed explanation of why the accommodation is needed. If the accommodation includes extra time, the amount of time needed should be indicated
  • If candidate is a student submit a copy of all approved accommodations from the school’s office of disability services
  • A Test Accommodation Request Form should accompany this report
  • Additional information may be requested after a review of the request.

Mailing Instructions

Print legibly using either black or blue ink. Submit a report and Test Accommodation Request Form with all supporting documents.

US Postal Service mailing address:
American Board of Comprehensive Care
Box 6
630 West 168 Street
New York, New York 10032

Federal Express delivery address: 
American Board of Comprehensive Care
617 West 168 Street
Rm. 252
New York, New York 10032